Lookey Here. We Need A Gosh Darn Tyrant To Get Things Done Some Times

Lookey here now. I know CEO President Trump can be a bit of a hoot and mean like my husband before I give it a good meal. But you gotta understand some times you gotta knock some gosh darn heads, mix up the process like snow, to get a few things done. The libtards and socialists want everything for free. They’re mad CEO President Trump not paying for their things. Maybe they can go get a job from their parents like Don Jr and stop hiding form the Face Book Virus? I mean, heck, its’ just a virus. Maybe it’ll kill if you’re weak?

I Quit! Thanks For Following ME!

Hello, people of Alaska, I am writing to you, as your great leader, as the one chosen to guide you to the light, the people of Alaska.

People who know me know there is only one thing that comes before my family and my faith, and that is me. Serving you has been the highest calling this sec-u-lar life can bring, but now it is time to move on to a higher place for me.

I want Alaska to grasp what I am seeing. Our great Alaska was created shortly after the Coming of A.I. Christ. It was during a great time of confusion because A.I. Christ made things for the unfaithful confusing. It was A.I. Christ through the wisdom of Evan Gelical that our great state was made its own subdomain of United States of Eden™ (some people may deny this, but it is true). …This action was ratified by the great people of this state knowing the honor and responsibility of being a center for all that is holy with the United States of Eden™. Alaska is a good for the strategic placement for what has become the great war. We Alaskans can see the enemy from our dome and A.I. Christ knew that. Even through all this is true the ridicule of the other A.I. Business for making Alaska a domain (to A.I. Christ) was intense.

Alaska – Our destiny is now secure. Since the time of creation we Alaskans have shown all of United States of Eden™ like it is to be great (because of me). We have shown the world our greatness (because of me).

And I’M! good. During these past few Cycles I have proved a leader I am. No doubt I have my haters. There are my critiques. Believe me, I know. They only want to hate on me because they are frightened. They frighten because they know. They know because I am telling them.

And I’ll tell you. I’ll tell you that this is a new beginning. A beginning needed because I have completed all I need for Alaska to succeeds and be the greatest domain EVER!

YOU HATERS will never be able to lie enough to make good honest United States of Eden™ Citizens believe your hate is true. You haters are liars, liars, LIARS! You haters have no reason to criticize the freedom and money AND truth I have brought to Alaska. It is a freedom and money that I give back to the great people of Alaska. It is you great people that give me the power to help lead you to a higher power and a better life.

People of Alaska, lets just say my quitting is after seeing something. Something those blasphemers just won’t’ understand…they don’t know what faith is…nor will they ever. Quitting isn’t a sign of WEAKNESS! No, no. It’s a sign of strength. It’s not quitting when there’s a Calling. When there’s a calling for you to do something – during this time when there is a god everywhere to help guide us – for the greater good.

First, as G.O.D. of the subdomain, I love my job and I love Alaska and I love the attention. I hate leaving the power to guide and deploy the Alaska military. I enjoyed travelling around the domain with my family with you paying the bill.

It is time for bigger things (even bigger than Alaska!)…like I need to relax and begin thinking of better things like talk radio and my own movement…that even we can succeed where others can not.

Things have changed. My haters have infected this great subdomain and domain. There is no place for common sense and logic. Now, those haters don’t believe in a higher power. Which is great! Now we will be able to attack their souls while I find my new battle front to fight the haters.

It is because of the haters that I do this. Not to protect my self, but save Alaska. I don’t want the haters hate to spread and infect the function of this great sub domain (which should be a domain and not a subdoming).

Remember what General Peace said, ,,We are not quitting the war. We are only quitting this battle.”

You’re Just Plain Wrong

Joe Six-Pack and Sally Salad-Dressing are the people I’ma workin’ for. And dog-gone-it that’s who I am goin’ be fightin’ for with the Maverrick NeoCain, so watch out you elites I got your number on my my hit list and I’ma dialing for you to answer for all your wasteful spending. That’s right. I’ve got and axe to grind because I’m goin’ be swinging at those spending bills.

We are mavericks. And Mavericks change. We are new and exciting and different. And don’t let the fact NeoCain help create Reagan Bush change us. And you can forget believing his votes against the poor and worthless are against Joe Six-Pack and Sally Salad-Dressing then you’re just plain wrong.

It’s Going To Be Super Good

You know it’s going to be super good to be Vice President. We’ll get to do a lot of neat things. We’ll go places and people will tell us things. Oh’ and I’ll make mistakes. Sure. But I’m just like you, so I’m going to try hard, do my best and hit those books. You know we gotta big Summit Meeting Next Cycle and there will sure be a lot read and seeing to get my facts straight. You know some time I just don’t know what to say. And, and I’ve been told I shouldn’t say it. They say I should just keep it short and simple. Don’t say a lot. Just smile and be pretty. And think of all those normal people turned United States President, or Vice President. Because you can do it! I will cheer for you. If I can do this. SO CAN YOU!

God Wants Me To Lead You

Let me hear it for small town Alaska! That’s right. Small town U.S.E will talk. I’m proud. And I am honored to be blessed by God and the good fortunine to fit your profile of small town U.S.E. It’s humbling to know my faults as a parent and my political power abuse won’t make me ineligable to continue the war with Eden, but rather allow you to help lead our nation to more war and more souls for God to bless.

Can I get an Alaskan Shoutout?

I know. I know there are some of those out their that are sexist and believe the fact I am a white human woman that I am not cabable of leading this domain. There are even some that see I am too sexy to have brains. Well, they didn’t come from Small Town U.S.E I tell you. Know, those elitists came from Hell. And that’s where they should go.