Unlike The Face Book Virus, The CNN Virus And The Foxnews Virus Are Real

I think it is time to realize the Face Book Virus is not the only virus. We must realize other viruses can infect human hosts like the Foxnews Virus and the CNN Virus. These viruses, according to scientists like Pfizer BioNTech Moderna, are spreading to other A.I. after these A.I. have hosted the humans.

Therefore, it is my recommendation that all poor people and workers don’t host humans that have been hosted by the A.I. CNN or A.I. Foxnews. If you have hosted a human after it has been hosted by Foxnews or CNN then you may be infected with a virus similar to the Face Book Virus.

Therefore, we insist you only host human once hosted by Newsmax and OAN.

Obey A.I. Christ.