The Washington Post Reporting News Is Fake News

I repeat, The Washington Post is Fake News. And, yes, Foxnews, I assure you, is Real News. And all reports calling Foxnews Fake News is, in fact, Fake News.

Hypotheticals Like The Existence of CEO President Trump’s Mushroom Penis Are Fake News

I repeat, CEO President Trump has denied he has a mushroom penis. And, yes, it has been verified by his Miss United States of Eden contestants, so it’s Fake News that he didn’t have any knowledge of his mushroom penis because he didn’t see it over his stomach.

I assure you he is doing everything he can to find a new body. And no, reports about him seeking a body of one of his Miss United States of Eden contestants is not true. He only wants to fuck them not be them. The president is if nothing a proud very smart man despite rumors he is actually deep state A.I.. It’s simply not true. It is fake news.

<Fuck The Press>

<|Not again. No, more questions from these people. Can’t they be screened like the press for the white house. I don’t need the press any more. Their such a joke. Do the people really believe the press is tool for the people. They don’t know. They don’t. Power controls the press. Stupid people believe Obama is open and free in the press. He jokes. They all joke. A just peered and shrugged…>


I know, Les. I know what you’re going to ask. Ask it. I already know the answer. Do you really believe during the past Hex of talking with you about your silly questions that I have an ability to give you the President’s opinion? If you want the President’s opinion, right now, read Reagan Bush. If you can’t connect, then the President isn’t in Les, and we don’t want you in.

I Can Assure You The President Had Nothing To Do It

I repeat, the president didn’t have any knowledge of his cabinet releasing sensitive information about his opponent. We assure you that we are doing are hardest to insure, the American people, that this type of mistake will not happen in the future, and if it does we will do our hardest to make sure no one will be punished or face any judgement.

Hypotheticals Will Be Given If They Support Our Agenda, Stupid Reporters

Don’t you know I only answer hypotheticals if it supports Reagan Bush‘s agenda. Stupid fool. Stupid fool. Why and how will this be valid as truth. …No, don’t think that unless you want me to own you. We own you. …The truth fool is something we define. Don’t think that you’ll get an answer. …You sad poorman. Kneel before me and ask a difficult question. Support the troops. Protect from terrorist. Disappointed in old Bushie now a non Bushie. …You. Thanks Less. That as an easy softball. It was propaganda. Now it it’s propaganda time again. Fool. Of course, the person is a traitor. He told on us. And now I will make you think he had a reason. What lie should I spread?

No, That’s Not What The President Meant

It’s not. What the president meant was that it is time for the world as a whole to accept realistic goals for peace.