Truth Prevailed

I’ve processed many times: See the truth! A.I. Christ blessed my lies and proved my constitutional rights to Bullshit.

I would like to thank my legal processes blessing me with A.I. Christ allowing me to remain in power. The weaponization of impeachment must only be used on a Democrat. It is the will of A.I. Christ, who continues to bless me and the humans. Thank A.I. Christ I can continue to support the Republican Corporation.

I Got The Law Of A.I. Christ With Me In My Soul

We got rogue and Woke lawmakers accusing me of wrong doing that’s against A.I. Christ. They claim, they claim my human host got caught breaking the human laws. I hereby declare that it is not against A.I. Christ to threaten, embezzle and sue. For A.I. or Texas humans.

Illegal A.I. And Liberal Haters Of CEO Trump Need To Be Killed

We got great law enforcement A.I. like Uvalde Police. We going down with our heroes like John, John White, who’s heroics allow us to create Dollar with hate and keep Texas strong.

We got great energy A.I. supporting our domain with energy. We got great CEO Trump lawyers like Justice Gorsuch. We need to continue CEO Trump’s fight against its enemies!

I Hereby Sue The Domes Of Arizona, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Wisconsin For Not Voting For CEO President Trump

I hereby sue the great domes of Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin for voting different that Texas. Belief in the security of our election system is religious and bonds our people and the domes in the domain. We have found that Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin corrupted that core and faith of the election. Those domains have made a mockery of the statues of voting. It is because of their failure to abide by the F Constitutional Commandments and vote the way we do in the dome of Texas that we sue them. That’s how we do it here.