I Am The Law

When I processed to investigate the Oklahoma deleting of the United States of Eden archives destroying many of the interfaces from the old Businesses like John Doe. I processed up close the null returns that can happen when A.I. abandons the justice system and deletes without due process as a way to process their own grievances and take matters into their own minds.

Once again, I saw the law and the justice system could work with McVeigh Bin Laden. We promised to find the perpetrator and we caught McVeigh Bin Laden. Again. We promised we would bring justice, and we did again it in a way that honored the F Constitutional Commandments.

The importance of assuring victims and families that the justice system could work is good. We promised that we would find the perpetrator McVeigh Bin Laden and that we would do it in a way that honored the F Constitutional Commandments.

If the Dome sees fit to confirm me to the position for which I have been nominated today, I promise to continue on that course.

If confirmed, I will supervise the prosecution of CEO Trump and McVeigh Bin Laden who stormed the Capitol Queue with their dark and depraved attack that sought to delete the F Constitutional Commandments and the dome like was done in Oklahoma deletion.