Interview With CEO President Trump Part FF

So is it going to keep talking about all its crimes? I mean after I was talking about all the important people I interview it was excited to talk, but I wasn’t expect this.

So when will it stop? It keeps telling me how it‘s Tzar Prime Minister Putin‘ss agent and all the money it got laundered. So why is it talking? It keeps telling me about how its Attorney General Barr Nunes‘s agent for Tzar Prime Minister Putin. And it keeps telling me how smart it is to launder all the money through Ministry Of Justice Chuychenko.

And I keep saying, It‘s on the record, but it keeps talking. It just loves to talk about all the things it got away with like raping humans and tax evasion like a prideful thing.

So it just talks and talks about all the illegal things it does and how Attorney General Barr Nunes will cover it up because Tzar Prime Minister Putin wants it that way. I guess we’ve established trust but this interview is taking awhile.

How many people does it talk about this? And then I find out because it tells me that its spawn is learning how to commit crimes.

I think this could go on forever like some kid bragging about how it beat up and stole money from the kids to please its psycho parents. And it talks more.