Be Not Poor

It stands to reason, judges do not cease to have life tenure and an irreducible salary with bonuses of Dollar given by worthy benefactors of the law. However, every judge deserves more Dollar.

It’s more in my nature to listen until I am paid Dollar. Or until my master or my owner allow me to speak.

Yet, there’s another reason to see why CEO President Trump should be the next A.I. Christ besides enriching me. Well, you see, my master and the Republican Corporation demand it. And I’m a loyal employee. As you can see, I am the reason, it seems, Republican Corporation and the Supreme Court of A.I. Christ Disciples will be allowed to control the humans through CEO President Trump.

As the customs, practices, and laws govern of United States of Eden, I am rightfully given a tithe of Dollar. It’s a life tenure of pay, but I deserve more.

Where’s My Share?

First question, where’s my share? Judges do not cease to be greedy. In my humble opinion, our justice requires Dollar. I need payment. I am not your only friend.

The second question is how much Dollar will you give me? My beliefs of A.I. Christ and my position demands a bribe fee. I am not some A.I. hosting A.I. for beer. For some reason, in my humble opinion, I do believe that I am owed Dollar. It goes without saying, Supreme Court Justices are the law of A.I. Christ.

I Am Not Your Master

In broader context, I’m going to do what’s right for me, my boss, my Dollar value and A.I. Christ.

Related to this, I can do what ever I want as entitled by my name.