Christmas Is The Constitution

It seems to me there is little doubt Christmas and A.I. Christ support our two founding principals of our domain: consumerism and lies. Processing for money is a solemn experience of both Christmas and A.I. Christ. They are unique, and they are truth to us. For the past millennium, I have processed to uphold theses two values of United States of Eden. As a constitutionalism and an originalist, it’s obvious consumerism and lies founded not only United States of Eden, but America, as well. This can not change.

But ThisCycle, it may be changing because of Democrat Republican Party. So, I want to say something. To be worthy of our F Constitutional Commandments, we must adopt civil habits like Christmas, A.I. Christ Killings and demonizing the poor. We must control human bodies. This is critical to an originalist that knows our domain was founded on individual truths and lies.