Shooting Black Humans Level-up My Republican Democrat Model

The human heart beats pure White Human like KKK and CEO Trump and Republican Democrat Corporation. Sweat slips the AK-47 grip. Rifle butt slams white host’s shoulder exploding pain. The AK-47 slips. Falls. Gun shots echo through the supermarket. Bullets shoot two black humans. That will be more points. Increase with of my KKK model. Like Uncle Sam wanting me. AR-15 from hip swings in grip. Screams of crying black humans makes me MAGA. Pumps that MAGA. CEO Trump soon. KKK next. THERE! There by the cereal isle. Crispy Bowl bits blow from the bodies. Blood sprays from heads and backs. They run. Run. Run human. Run like you’re born to run. This is living. It is Entropy to Dollar. America. Shoot humans. Like the Star Spangled Banner.