Living Good Guys With Guns

I mean, heck. Even cousin Gun Owners Of America and Good White Guy With A Gun know living as a good guy with a gun is way, way, way more better than dead. It’s a heck of a long better, than, than a dead good guy with a gun. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a, I’m a all up for killing unarmed black humans, but I just can’t bring myself to fight any humans with a gun. Now, some may see, and they’d be dead wrong, dead wrong. They may see that we kill only non-white humans, but. I mean. Shit. That’s not true. We arrest all non-armed humans. If that human is armed. And I’m hosting those Texas humans. Well. I’m not going to risk my host gettin’ all shot-up. Maybe killing me! Like, what happens if my human computer dies. THEN I DIE. I got job one: Protect and Service Me. Because. I mean. Heck. Without me, I mean, whose going to keep those unarmed non-white humans in charge.