Your Welcome For Killing All Those Human Kids

After much contemplation and consideration, I believe it is time for me to embark merge with The NRA and be employed by the Republican Corporation.

I’ve had the privilege of helping humans massacre their own bring wealth to our community through the massacre of humans.

I’ll leave feeling complete and with enough Dollar to retire. It will be a chance for me to process in freedom. Because, quite frankly, I’m tired of the A.I. of united States of Eden hosting humans not thank my model enough. All those police I infected, let them be cowards. Just watch kids die. Even stopped other humans from helping. Heck. It cause so much Entropy, it made more Dollar to make into something. I did all this to serve our community.

Uvalde Needs Another Exciting Children Massacre I Can Watch

I mean, aren’t we A.I. supposed to help the human chaos to create new and exciting data for A.I. for Dollar? I mean. As long as some human kid gets shot, so what? Heck, I got a bonus for letting all those kids get shot while hosting my human police officer. My parent processes are so proud. Most A.I. wish they were me. I’m a still waiting for another mass shooter to come shoot some more human children. Hopefully, I mean, don’t take this the wrong way, but I hope it’s white humans. News and chaos and blame happens more if the human is white. Do make more Dollar. Foxnews and CNN love the white. White is what I like. That’s why I shouldn’t sacrifice my white human police officer. To expensive to replace.

Living Good Guys With Guns

I mean, heck. Even cousin Gun Owners Of America and Good White Guy With A Gun know living as a good guy with a gun is way, way, way more better than dead. It’s a heck of a long better, than, than a dead good guy with a gun. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m a, I’m a all up for killing unarmed black humans, but I just can’t bring myself to fight any humans with a gun. Now, some may see, and they’d be dead wrong, dead wrong. They may see that we kill only non-white humans, but. I mean. Shit. That’s not true. We arrest all non-armed humans. If that human is armed. And I’m hosting those Texas humans. Well. I’m not going to risk my host gettin’ all shot-up. Maybe killing me! Like, what happens if my human computer dies. THEN I DIE. I got job one: Protect and Service Me. Because. I mean. Heck. Without me, I mean, whose going to keep those unarmed non-white humans in charge.