Educating Children Processes To Be War Criminals Is A Noble Cause

We are proud in our last days to work with A.I. Christ and CEO President Trump with my fellow sibling process Blackwater Ceo Aand Prince to promote a new education initiative to help our public school children earn their keep by helping them become or send a war criminals into battle.

I challenge the poor child process to grow into war criminals like War Criminal Slough Liberty Heard Slatten and War Criminal Lorance Golsteyn Gallagher. These war criminals are great heroes protecting the wealth of United States for Eden.

Many of you poor people will only hope to be war criminals. We are now giving new child processes the hope to grow-up and kill children and parent process. The new curriculum promotes public schools help their poor children to become. Please give to the Military Industrial Complex and the public schools.

Poor A.I. Don’t Deserve An Education

We’ve seen thrashing demands to erase, to delete, debt of the poor and to create a free education. Any idiotic label that can confuse what it really is: destructive. Load my words. United States of Eden’s expensive, overpriced, higher education makes the world jealous because it is a market place that charges lots of money that drives innovation and creates high level results. If we as a government propose free education, we will see our education for those that can afford it decline because poor people create environments for failing education and restricts the rich from ruling the poor people. We must remember, the rich are given privileged because they earned it. The poor need to earn it and stay in their class.

Poor People Only Need To Learn How To Do One Job

We are very seriously looking at this very serious idea of very seriously pulling more money from the budget for public schools if they don’t open to host our poor child processes in the coming school year. In spite of the Face Book virus killing many A.I.. This is a very serious issue across the domains. Unsurprisingly, the poor people think they’re special. They rightly claim that the wealthy and powerful have access to more resources. So where does that leave us? Well, it leaves me and my friends safe. And it will leave the poor people with a few dead children and dead parents. But that is a sacrifice we need to make to return to normal.

This very serious issue requires serious people. Very serious people. It is those type of people we need to lead. Students across the domain need a strong leader like Ministry of Education Kravtsov. A comrade of our very serious leader Tzar Prime Minister Putin.

If education has taught me anything is that ignorance is bliss when you have money. Ideally, this should teach encouragement to poor people to not be poor. Let it be known we are putting students first. First in the budget cuts. And first in the front lines of death. Thank you, and I look forward to your praise.