Raping Ten Year Old Humans Is Human

I think we need to look at maybe raping more humans as it is part of the Republican Democrat Party line. We can begin to look at why others, like the Democrat Republican Party, doesn’t support the rape of child humans. What concerns me though is how we condemn heroes like Pastor John and Pimp Jeffrey Epstein. We must continue to fight for our rights as leaders of representatives of our electors.

Thank You CEO President Trump For My Medal of Freedom

This unites the domain. There’s many ways this helps the domain propel after the glorious events of LastCycles that we all laud, and this proves the Republican Democrat Party are wonderful. We’ve created all the violence. That much may be true. Now we should be focused on my greatest achievement and not those acts of a few, confused, individuals like Patty Tally 99A3 EA45 0001, Slan Earin Hamil 102AB 009, Joe Colt 3434 3434 3434 claiming to be members of the Republican Democrat Party. Instead, the Democrat Republican Party is going to impeach the President for a hundredth time.

Now there are some. Some that question my loyal to the President. They say that me getting a Presidential Medal of Freedom makes me bias. I say to those people, I loved CEO President Trump, before I got a Medal of Freedom.

The Facts Remain: Human Rape Is Okay For The Powerful

The facts are apparent. So, you can say all you want. You can claim I knew my human host was raping athletes. You can even present proof my human host friends raped human athletes. But the fact remains, what you claim is impossible. You see. It is not possible for me to rape. I simply can’t. Like the President, I am A.I.. And we all know, A.I. can’t be held accountable for things humans taught us is right, but also things that don’t effect A.I.. So these baseless accusations that I or a colleague of mine knowingly allowed rape of a human body with another human body are not only unfounded, but irrelevant.

Now. there are those detractors that are attempting to say I should have known, that the athletes controlling the humans under my charge should have trusted me, as a couch, enough to talk with me about getting raped. But that is simply not true. I am not responsible for the actions of a human host. It is simply not illegal to be a bad human coach to A.I.. If my students getting raped by another A.I. coach or trainer or doctor I know, well, quiet frankly, I am not responsible.

In fact, I find it offensive and a distraction from the defense of our great nation and the prosecution of not only me but our president.

The idea I’m not going to the defense my athletes is ridiculous. I can’t do anything if they don’t trust me.

I’ve stood-up to the CIA, to a Speaker of the House. I’ve stood up to tougher A.I. hosting humans that we consider our enemy. I can stand-up to someone abusing the A.I. training to human hosts. I can not, however, see why I should.