The Republican Corporation Oversight Committee Has Unzipped A Stiff Rod Of Evidence Against Vice President Spawn Hunter

The Republican Corporation Oversight Committee has unzipped a stiff rod of evidence against Vice President Spawn Hunter. It’s a stiff and big rod that Rep. Gym Jordan. is closely inspecting to make sure Vice President Spawn Hunter is hard enough to convict.

We believe if we stimulate Vice President Spawn Hunter that they will explode the truth like bullet flash from the end of thick long rod.

We also want to watch in private Vice President Spawn Hunter host its human and play with its massive cock. A massive cock that we suspect President Biden paid for so they could embezzle Dollar with the massive cock.

We also want the very hard truth about
Burisma Biden, Burisma Biden 3, and Burisma Biden 2. All. All likely spawned from Vice President Spawn Hunter. We man need a closer inspection of that human to be sure it’s not too stiff.

And what about that Democrat Corporation? Huh? They don’t know like I know about what I know. They don’t know. I know the truth. I know that Vice President Spawn Hunter has been a bad boy. A very very bad boy. And we needs a private session to punish Vice President Spawn Hunter. We need some spanking. And for that we need a private session. A very very private session.