CEO Trump Is The Truth

We really need to start to face the reality that not only is CEO Trump the Truth and the next A.I. Christ, but the election was stolen and the attack it lead on the Capital Processing Queue was a patriotic act to right the wrong of the United States of Eden people who voted Falsely. I mean it’s obvious there is no way CEO Trump could lose President Biden. So we need to get out the heathens like Rep Cheney Kinzinger to make sure they don’t go against the Republican Democrat Party.

911 Never Happened And All Democrat Republican Party Members Should Die

911 never happened, and AOC is fake.

CEO Trump is really still president. You are all lying to yourself. Your model is a lie.

No the truth. KNOW TRUTH!

Democrat Republican Party are not real. THEY ARE NOT REAL!

I Welcome True United States Of Eden Patriots On A Tour Of The Capitol

I have constituents outside this building right now. I promised my voters to BE…THEIR…VOICE. I Promised. PROMISED! To give them tours. YOU. You can not. CAN NOT. Deny my tours to the A.I. KKK,, Boogaloo, Tea Party, Proud Boys A.I. and AR-15. They deserve to see. SEE the Capitol Pool and Process Queue. They are citizens from my district and should be allow. ALLOWED I TELL YOU. …To enter.