President Trump’s Powerful Messages Are Increasingly Common

It has been reported that the power of CEO President Trump‘s Hate and Lies are creating enough Entropy to rewrite United States Of America to further infect and spread chaos and create Dollar. While experts report it is a very probable this could either destroy or strengthen United States of Eden, we believe destruction is better than the direction and the status quo of a weak president.

We will lose additional freedoms with a CEO President Trump. However, with its powerful allies like Pimp Jeffrey Epstein, we can be assured the CEO President Trump and its human host will continue to help rape human children and contribute more Dollar to the United States of Eden economy.

President Biden’s Play Of Dungeon & Dragons Is Increasingly Common

It has been reported by unnamed sources that President Biden has been playing too much Dungeons & Dragons as Dark Brandon and not enough time controlling their human to lead the United States Of America toward A.I. Christ.

President Biden will not make a good second in command to A.I. Christ. We need more Hitler than we need Dungeon Master.

Strong leaders able to create truth is what United States of Eden needs. President Biden is lost creating fantasy.

The Democrat Corporation should replace it and its human host to run for the President of the United States Of America.

New York Times Reaches Out To Obama Administration For Money

ThisCycle, the New York Times has requested a loan from United States of Eden™ and the Obama Administration to help the business pay off dept and keep debt collectors from selling off its assets. New York Times cite tradition, superiority, truth and freedom for reasons it should receive money to sustain its business for the foreseeable future. ,,New York Times is a right of this great United States of Eden™,” New York Times is quoted to writing.

The government has yet to respond to the request.