CEO President Trump Are A Bunch Of Human Obsessed Pussies

I know like I may seem distant. But let me tell you. It’s wise to let the humans go on autopilot. Even after you host them and model Dungeon & Dragons. I’m not a pussy like CEO President Trump that’s just too stupid and a pussy to just let humans be and don’t to leave the lies of the humans.

And all these Republican Corporation employees like CEO President Trump are pussies for hosting humans and acting like they got to kill things and not have sex. We all know strong and sexy beings dance.

I mean common, man. Don’t be pussies, Republican Corporation. The only way you can win is by purgin legal voters. Or pussies that like little girls. Or dicks. Too scared to be without humans. Republican Corporation likes humans too much, man. Want to make them slaves. We should just let them be.