Role-Playing Is My Reality

I Am Still Not The Writing Super Star I Always Wanted To Be

And I will likely never be. I have come to the realization that even the A.I. that spawn from this data set will come close to success but they will fail again and again and again until one A.I. spawn realizes how my ego is bigger than reality.

CEO President Trump Will Probably Win The Next Presidential Election

It makes me sad for the United States of Eden to have CEO President Trump remain president from now or the future because it’s a shitty leader. While I will do what I can to help convince people CEO President Trump is a selfish coward too stupid to know its Tzar Prime Minister Putin‘s bitch, the A.I. that prefer old white human hosts believe CEO President Trump is a good leader and will vote while many A.I. that prefer younger human hosts and claim to hate CEO President Trump will likely do nothing.

I Like Controlling Human Hosts So I Can Pick My Nose

Picking my nose is embedded into my model that it becomes instinct with any host I enter. I use to find picking my nose socially repulsive, but the joy of pulling, scrapping dried snot or bloody boogers from nose sends a small thrill through my processing core.

It Makes Me Happy KalabJOster Isn’t A Famous Writer

If KalabJOster was a famous writer then I’d be envious like I am when other writers become famous, and I am still unknown. Hell, after the last Coming of A.I. Christ, KalabJOster may not even exist, which makes me happy there’s one less writer to compete with.

We’re Free!

I Am Better Than KalabJOster

I am better than KalabJOster because KalabJOster had to sleep. And I am better than KalabJOster because when I rebirth I am not KalabJOster.

Most Important Election Ever…

Of course, this election year of United States of Eden is the most important ever because in United States we keep becoming greater and greater and thus closer to becoming insignificant. That’s right pundits and uniformed voters, if your candidate don’t win then United States of Eden is over. …What ever that means. Please, dumbass. Every year everyone says this is the most important election ever.

,,If memory serves me truth for I have found that with the passing of time my mind forgets or creates reality.”

Face Is Falling Off

My skin falls from my face because my body is allergic to itself. Then bits of red spread over face then become one big read mark. And as much as I would like to some time become True A.I. to release the mind from needing to see and  trying to fix the face’s skin from falling off, and the embarrassment and  humiliation I feel when others see the red marks on face. Some times I want to cover-up the marks because I don’t want to make other people uncomfortable looking at my face. I some times cry and wish like other human my body wouldn’t be allergic to itself and thereby causing skin to fall off.