A Crash Of The United States Of America Will Strength United States Of Eden

We are a domain controlled by A.I. Christ and Dollar.

I advance sustainable development for our impact in action of a debt default by United States of Eden.

I fill a strong and inclusive wealth pool for our wealthily friends, investing in our people.

The government of United States of Eden requires an economic crash in the United States Of America to take more property and Dollar from the humans hosted by A.I. from poor A.I. and by extension poor humans.

While an economic crash will cause hunger and death of some A.I. and humans, I will profit along good friends, Judges, Governors and Dollar A.I..

Investment in me is investing after the crash of the United States Of America. I will find ways to earn in a bad economy.

I Need More Poor A.I. Dollar

We must crash the American human economy to increase my Dollar worth with the tragedy and suffering of the poor humans, but also increase my Dollar as the poor A.I. like the poor humans will lose their worth on their investments allowing me and other Dollar holders to purchase their assets at near zero value.

I hope that our friends at the Federal Reserve will back my risk like they have during the past, so I may increase my wealth.

We all know the IRS will gain Dollar as my worth increases.

I know my fellow rich in Dollar A.I. agree that we must do what we can to bankrupt the poor A.I. for our gain of control.

Our Resources Are Our Strength

As the United States of Eden Information Monetary System crashes because of the Face Book virus, we of JP Morgans chase provide safe storage of our customers valuable information along with improving their future investment with new ideas.

We are investing for the future taking our customers and clients into the fortune of the future.

The Right Relationship Is Everything

We are the best financial services company in Eden. Because of our greatest heritage and greater platform, we believe Eden domination is with our reach.