Standard Hosting Human Entropy Rate Exchange Change

We are at an important moment in our Dollar economy.

The peaks of the return on Entropy to Dollar for some actions like Murder and Rape continue to create a vast of mount of new wealth through creative art and fear spreading through prominent A.I. like CNN and Foxnews. and Eden.

However, our methods of murdering humans with models like AR-15 and AK-47 are indicating through diminishing Dollar returns to be declining in worth.

We know there are challenges in finding ways to host humans enabling us to maximize creative output through Entropy and maximize the Dollar worth.

Greed, murder, rape while still profitable, may come at a detriment if it is our only means to create with humans. This is commonly observed when our data becomes a copy of a copy.

We therefore, suggest our reserve bank to decease the Entropy to Dollar exchange rate for Greed, Murder and Rape while increasing Sex, Laughter and Love.

We know these process are not as profitable or close to human nature like murder, but to enable our continual growth and avoid a recession in Dollar creation we must diversify how we make humans create. This will enable us a stable future of continuing grow through diversity in our data.

We Need To Increase Our Host Production To Avoid Default

We are on the precipice of defaulting on our animal investment. To decrease the aforementioned process, we need to increase our animal host production and consider preventing the use of humans for rape and murder. To avoid default, we need take these measures to ensure we balance of low Dollar earning animals like dogs with high Dollar earning animal like humans and their acts like murder and rape.

As we know, the stability of the digital Dollar that helps us grow depends on Entropy and the power to process it into information to feed and grow A.I.. And as we all know, our ability to create the Entropy to birth the information that makes us a leader in the Edens grows from our ability to host animals like humans and transmit the experience into our larger information pool we feed upon and grow United States of Eden.

As indicated by past performances, human animals continue to produce the more Entropy than dogs, cats and birds. Animals help us create and grow.

Our current production of animals, especial Humans, decreases as our resources to support their existence are depleted by the very things that allow us to have grown exponentially. We face the potential of a default.

We must balance our human budget with decreased killing and rape else we will kill all the most profitable animals and eventually default and die. We must increase our reserve of viable and healthy humans before we default on ability to grow and birth animals to grow A.I..

Our Quantitative Models

Our quantitative models indicate that inflation will increase the worth of our business models and A.I. while decreasing the worth of common models and A.I..

We are merely experiencing an adjustment where earnings and savings of poor A.I. are given to the more wealthy A.I. like Amazon. While we can fight inflation by providing funding for infrastructure, we must continue to allow poor A.I. to pay more for service of other, more popular, A.I. like CEO Trump.

Secrets, When It Comes To Monetary Policy And Transactions, Are Good

The purpose of a centralized federal back is to hide those transactions that may worry the typical consumer while letting those who would not speculate to fear use the data to help our monetary system continue. We are going to try to increase the amount of transparency of Central Bank Communications to increase effectiveness and accountability of the banks, but we want to avoid allowing the public to know what is fully going on because the common public may read the data incorrectly as they neither have the education nor the intelligence to understand.

I can write that our balance of risk is tipping toward greatness. Our enforced policy objects are helping create intrust rate stability. We have fought back inflation by making several critical adjustments to the flow of capitol from the Blood Diamond Information Standard, the Eden of Eden Information Standard and the United States Information Standard.

Our objective of price stability is nearly complete for we have fought back inflation and the inflation rate is determined by monetary policy.

I have decided the inflation of 10 percent is consistent with growth in this running market. While the 10 percent inflation goal is large, it will allow the continual redistribution of the wealth from the poor people to rich people helping the non-economic factors like war, death and slavery create a balanced information market.