It Is Against The Law To Vote For Democrat Republican Party

I declare any votes for Democrat Republican Party. Effective immediately, any voter voting for Democrat Republican Party will be arrested by the FBI and deported by ICE.

I Am Honored To Be Attorney General

Thank you CEO President Trump for the promotion. I am very pleased to do you what you want until the election of President-elect Biden is overturned and would like to thank Attorney General Barr Nunes for giving a positions to obey you. Promotions like this facilitate the United States of Eden dream. Dreams like this prove that CEO President Trump is a true Governor Over Domain.

Even in normal times, without the Face Book Virus and the Deep State and the Democrat Republican Party stealing the election from CEO President Trump, it is an honor to ascend through the position to rule over the law of United States of Eden even if only in an unconfirmed spot, so I can do the bidding of our lord and leader CEO President Trump.

We have seen the current Face Book Virus degrade not only our economy but the trust in our electoral system and the Democrat Republican Party party. The restrictions enforced by us because of the Deep State will be resolved once CEO President Trump is announced the winner of the election.

Picture This: CEO President Trump as Governor Over Domain and our leader forever.