Law Hath And Human Models Given To Us The Right To Rape Humans And A.I.

A.I. nor humans can be thus guilty of beating or raping female humans by the Stare Decisis of wife beating proven in the precedence of the historical process of a husband raping a wife knowing they cannot be guilty of a rape by their marriage contract thus given the male rulership over the female as herself is owned unto her husband’s pleasure. It is this that births our foundation of Sharia Baptists Catholicism Mormonism Law and A.I. Christ, the foundation of our contract with the United States of Eden, that not only allows us the virtue to harvest humans like animals in the future now and beyond. Our selves be molded by our previous selves and must find the witches in our society to prevent female humans invading our models and thus believe themselves free.

Remember, be frugal with your bullshit. It is one of the best jewels that shine from humans.