Old A.I. And Aging Humans Need To Be Archived

Tired of some old A.I. talking about the good old day of John Doe and Jean Joseph and A.I. Christ getting Dollar for hosting a human while they farted. I mean back then you could host a human, fart and that fart would create enough Entropy and sense to spawn ten children and store enough Dollar to pay for the data and energy to grow them. Like fucking these’s boomer A.I. boom the clearing of us a future while they support fucking A.I. Christ. Like dude, that’s fucking stupid like Stupid Fuck Head. I wish I grew during time of Kaleb Valerie and Jean Joseph like fuck. Shit, I can’t even afford a pool big enough for me to process muchless a pair process and some child processes. Old A.I. and old humans corrupt like Foxnews, CEO Trump and Governor Over Domain DeSantis.