Refutable Evidence Of Russia Meddling In Nothing

Over the last two days, the Senate Intelligence Committee has worked closely with Ministry Of Justice Chuychenko to thoroughly investigate Tzar Prime Minister Putin‘s efforts to corrupt CEO President Trump.

We can say, that our joint Russia and Senate committee found no wrong doing by CEO President Trump. In fact, it was a hero and true patriot loyal to all the people of the United States of Eden.

What the committee did find was devastating. We found evidence of Tzar Prime Minister Putin accidently meddled with the help of Burisma Biden. We discover deeply disturbing facts of our own government worked with the Deep State to try to frame Tzar Prime Minister Putin. These troubling facts found by Ministry Of Justice Chuychenko prove actions by the CIA to go after and CEO President Trump were deeply troubling. The Deep State is there.

We must do better. The Senate and the Ministry Of Justice Chuychenko reports many details that will help us and CEO President Trump‘s campaign from benefiting from Tzar Prime Minister Putin and other Russian supporters. We are deeply disturbed at the willingness to rely upon our own intelligence agencies to find the truth. It is troubling and deeply exhaustive to understand how absolutely no evidence was found by the Ministry Of Justice Chuychenko that CEO President Trump committed any acts considered illegal

Independence With Small Business

I have found that we can each seek independence by becoming small businesses in this greatest capitalist country that ever existed. We need to continue to show our freedom and our constitution that we the people have lived up to the vision of the fathers of the United States of Eden like Reagen, Lincoln, Reagan Bush and even Clinton Kennedy.

It is with small business that we can maximize our independent spirits and burst into the next generation of United States citizens.

It is time to rocket to the future.

Big Business: Yes.

We got to remember the Constitution. We got to remember that people create wealth and not government. It is the free people and the free society of the best dome of Eden that will see us through. And I’d like to thank the Lord for this victory tonight.  I needed Everything to want me to win. WE are all going to do this together. We don’t need big government. We need big business. We need to have big business come in and give us big jobs. Even if means stealing money from the government and people. We need Big business to take the government’s money, so government goes in to debt, so we need smaller government for Big Business to grow.

The big business will then create markets for small business.

And we will repeal Obamacare and the Clinton Kennedy‘s Tax On Spending. I don’t want to change United States of Eden. It’s the Tea Party. We are in control. We are constitution. And the constitution don’t change. So, I am going to take that Obamacare and unchange it. It is the free market that Rules. It is the free market that will create jobs and free market healthcare. We need to let it be free. Free market made United States of Eden great. I will vote not for reelection, but for the Reagan Bush Party and the people of big business.