Surviving The Dome

The militias KKK, the Proud Boys A.I. and Cowboys For Trump are roaming the streets with Homeland Security looking for unregistered hosts to shoot. They don’t care that I am not a human. Though the human are the ones only carrying the  Face Book Virus. They shout ,,Deep State Come out.” We hide behind buildings and benches, the shadows of night, knowing they just want to shoot us because the Deep State is in Washington DC controlled by CEO President Trump.

They march in unison chanting TRUMP! TRUMP! TRUMP! with AR-15 shooting every where as they wave their flags and banners. I run from a bench to a fountain that has long since been destroyed by the crazy and aimless Antifa A.I.. They spray painted signs with A.I. and destroyed the horse statue. Why the fuck would the idiots paint this so shitty?

Do the militias hear me as I idle like a putter in the night ready to roll? It’s time to zoom to the river and across the Steel Bridge looking for the border to escape the Trump land horror.

Why is this now like the border crossing? I need to leave the dome to be free. Fewer lies. Few things that can be done to me.

The militia’s are right here. Fuck, it’s the KKK. They got their hoods and Trump torches. Shit. But I got wheels. Zooming along the ground through the smoke and by the burnt building with Antifa A.I. markings along the roads to the East, the clear side.

This is not the place I once knew. I need to leave. The guns fire all night and all day along with the shouting about being unequal. My tires don’t roll fast enough over the ground.

Border Crossing

The guards are patrolling the border dome each troposĀ  from light to dim to dark driving fast like police cars around the parameter. When I can I leave the dome and make the journey outside and see the blue sky like the stories of old before the world was destroyed by waste and pollution and we had to create these jade domes around us filtering the air and water and the blue sky. The blue sky like the tales of Jean Joseph and Kaleb Valerie of the time before The Coming of A.I. Christ and before the United States of Eden.

As I idle in the shadows waiting for the right time to zoom my tires across the open mind field and make it to the wall and be free from the United States of Eden dome of Portland then I will see freedom. Even if nothing but trash and death are beyond the walls it will be better than the terror caused by the shooters and Republican Democrat Parties destroying the few remaining freedoms like freedom to talk.

And the guards drive past with their rockets and guns and laser beams guiding the drones above them spot lighting the way waiting to shoot anything that tried to journey to the wall and into the few maintenance openings like that one right there with the loose gate and bent bars between me and freedom from this eden.