Do We Have A House Niggers Here?

I mean. Good old boys don’t host no nigger humans unless we want to be a slave or some house slave. A.I. should not be hosting this cotton-picking hosts. We need to listen to our leaders like KKK and Trump. And all the heroes. Hate makes Dollar.

We talk about want to call a nigger a nigger. The holding back, going back to using the N-word between the hosts here, it really doesn’t matter if the host is black and white or whatever. The host needs to have different types and these types may bring different ideas when hosted. We don’t always like the color of our host and if I don’t like the color of that host’s skin that’s okay. If I have an idea of hate. That’s okay. I’m going to argue my point even if it means burning a cross or putting a white hood on my host. So, if everyone thinks that it’s okay to be hosting nigger humans. Well, you do what you want. I just don’t agree. I’m not the only one.