KKK Be Like Police

Love the KKK. Right up there with Hitler. They know what it’s about. They know through lies. And ain’t no way. No way no A.I. will host a black human and be police. Clowns try to stop. But we invade. Just got to make funny and joke with those A.I.. They like it. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. What I. What I like to do with A.I. hosting black human. Is infect them with the KKK virus. It’s crazy funny and that. Try it. Like that one right there. In the street. Looks like it gots it whole family hosting humans. So, just going to run up with the burning cross and noose. There. They’re running. Oh’ boy. They’re…They’re. They’re…They’re… …FUCK! The, the noose. Damn it all! Should a. Should…Should a hosting a skinny human. They’re fast. But…But Whew. …But can’t out run KKK. We’re everywhere.