CEO President Trump Fights For Us All

Our glorious leader CEO President Trump has given great ideas and new motivations to take United States of Eden into a newer, freer and better society fighting the DeepState and the same old root processes attempting to takeaway what made ths domain great. CEO President Trump took us to new levels of greatness.

We must now look to the future to take this greatness even beyond the great vision and production of CEO President Trump and its sibling process. We must find someone that is the embodiment of the great domain, but a voice loud and great like mine.

Who Is President Joe Biden?

We have no idea what President Elect Biden can process or if it can process. What remains is a projection, pseudocode created to create a mock of a president with stubbed out returns. Everything is Cool is like some mock response that is canned.

So who’s going to be president. A test program? A test program with a bunch if mock data ready to respond to the same old DeepState response to the war and death and paying for virus protection. However, our code has become so politicized and mutated that you would never know it won’t compile where its coming from.