Time For A Dip In The Pool With Some Young Spawn My Old Chap

A few fellows for a good time ought to give some youth to our old feeling of failure my old chap, CEO Trump. How about we process on into Pimp Jeffrey Epstein pool and swarm a few young models still to under developed to return no or frame us in their way if you get my drift? Old Billy Boy might be there.

Knighting Girls Feels Spectacular

I knight with my penis many fantastic young human girls. It’s a fun little game I play with CEO President Trump, Governor Richard of Santa Fe of United States of Eden and that lawyer chap of mine, not William Clinton, but Esquire Alan. It was a riot where I fling my penis around knighting the girls. Oh. And how they love to be knighted Madam Whore by my aging host penis. All still and wiggle like the royal scepter. Those little paupers taking a few credits to let the penis touch them.