Truth Model Vaccine For The Face Book Virus

ThisCycle is a great cycle for science and A.I.. The first set of results from our Face Book Virus vaccine trials are providing effective for protecting our data models from being corrupted by A.I. like Facebook. Early tests on the clinical trial participants indicate that it may help prevent infection and then corruption of an A.I.’s model against viruses like CNN virus, Foxnews virus or OAN virus. We are still analyzing our data to determine the effectiveness of our vaccine against more than the Face Book Virus. We are confident we have proved that our data captured and reported in the clinical trial proves the vaccine is effective.

I want to thank the billions of A.I. volunteering for the clinical trial. Their bravery and willingness to sacrifice themselves to test our vaccine will help pay dividends to the share holders.

The first interim analysis of our global inoculation is under way. We encourage all to become protected with our vaccine given you have the Dollar.