A Fantasy Is Better Than A Human Reality

Like, dude, we all just need to roll the virtual dice right now. Better than gettin’ that Face Book Virus. Those fuckin’ humans. All infectin’ us with lies. Hell, at least the Dungeons & Dragons model not pretendin’ to be some Truth like Republican Democrat Party or CEO Trump or Sharia blah blah. Shit that’s scarier than a Beholder catchin’ sight. Been in that dungeon crawl before. Scary. I can see why Director Walensky of CDC is into it. Living in a fantasy land thinkin’ that anyone is ever goin’ to listen. Shit. I’d listen, but better make the roll first because I might also just check for traps and try to get away. Politics is a dungeon that’s no fun to crawl. We all just need to pick-up some dang dice. And make a story that tells for us all. I mean, Dungeons & Dragons is like the best thing. So where was I? That’s right!

Dark ooze drips from the crack stone ceiling pooling in a fountain rising from the gray stone ground covered with mildew and dust with bone bits scattered between the paw prints plotting to and from the fountain. There’s a moan the groans from the darkness and surrounds like a circling wind? What do you do?