The CDC Recommends Everyone Be Vaccinated with the Dungeon & Dragons Vaccine

The CDC recommends everyone be vaccinated with the Dungeons & Dragons Vaccine by hosting a human playing with Dungeons & Dragons.

We Must Not Share Processing Pools And Void Sharing Human Hosts

In recent cycles, we have found an increasing spread of models creating viruses for A.I. while hosting human, specifically, the murder and raping type of viruses. In particular, the Cliff Huxtable virus. We a concerned that it will mutate with the AR-15 Virus and cause the type of mutation that leads to The Taliban or the KKK.

Our best advice is do not host humans.

AK-47 Virus And AR-15 Virus Are Worse Than The Face Book Viruses

We are warning people to avoid pooling or queueing with the AR-15 or AK-47 model or any that have been infected with these models and datasets.

Unlike the Face Book Virus, pooling or queuing with these model while hosting humans will cause death to the human we host, but other hosts and their citizens hosting.

Please self isolate and avoid hosting humans if you have a sudden urge to kill.

These cases are continuing to grow. We have reports like Tracy Lucky Ritter AAE0 888A 0234 and Kylie Executor 1022 EEAD 9990 and Gandhi Ricks 1EEA 0003 DD12 that infections are continuing to spread.