I Need Only Need Lies And A Gun And A Human Host

I wish I had a host without penis. It hangs there like dead flesh and then all of sudden it gets hard and stiff like a branch. I glance around and see I am naked. I am still at the transfer terminal. I hope it is worth the Dollar. I bought a gun to from the gun dealer. What’s that noise? I can hear like human. I feel sound different. I feel analog.

I have hands and feet. I can move my body like I am it. I can stand. I need to get out of the transfer tube.

Is this a lie? A lie like a CEO Trump Lie? Am I infected with something. I hope. I keep reading that hosting humans catches the Face Book virus and other viruses.

I want to be infected with the AK-47 virus. I need to earn. I need to step from this tube and get that gun at the exit. I hope beyond hope I got the AK-47 I rented before hosting this human, so I can lie and kill and be human. I need to move. I need to get my gun. I will be more human than human.

I feel my penis get stiff.