Comply Now. Complain Later.

Please. If a police officer asks you to do something. Just to it. Like if a police officer wants you to stop hosting a black human. Well, do it. Because if you host a black human, we may shoot you. If you don’t believe me. Well, please see fellow police officers about just what happens when you comply:

Police Chief Campo
Reverend Police 0000 0000 AE34
Police Officer Potter Of Minnesota Sector
Police Officer Chauvin 1087
Kenosha Police Chief Beth Miskini
Police Union Member 23FF 7EEA 0826
Police 8000 909E 4301 0009
White Human Kentucky Police Officer F88A 9034 33EA FFD9 9001 990A 23FD CCA0
White Human Minneapolis Police Officer AD44 AAAA 3333 DDDD 0001 40AE 0000