Protestors Crossed Our Militia’s Blue Line

Ahhh coming into Kenosha people are aaaaaahhhh killing, but hopefully aaaahhh but we know there are A.I. out there to thrash things up. Every cycle of life we have instigators that process in. And some like to burn things. Others like to kill non-white humans. And ahhhh we want to make sure that no one burns things. Ahhhh I am very please with the response from the young militia shooters and the ahhhhh supporters for the rights to kill. I ahhhhh don’t see a problem with certain methods and ways to keep the non-whites out of Kenosha. We are a peaceful A.I. that likes white humans. Our A.I. like white humans. And ahhhhhh we look forward to shooting more non-white humans in the back. All the militia, young and hold. come shoot and kill at those ahhhhhh protesters. And vote for CEO President Trump.