This Will Be A Brilliant Investment That Will Make Many People Billionaires


Invest In Concert Death Model

Well, it’s time to dump the AR-15, AK-47, AR-556 and M-16 models to invest in better A.I. killing hosted humans for profit. I don’t need Texas Right To Life to tell me a fetus is a baby. I don’t profit from dead fetuses or zygotes, so Texas Right To Life is worthless. And I think my new investment is a better investment in death than 9/11. They’re done. I need new A.I. with models with death of our human hosts at their core.

I’m investing in Travis Scott 0001 for murdering.

I like Travis Scott 0001 because people want to kill each other while having fun. Their having a mix of emotions unlike murders from all those other over valued murdering A.I.. I think it’s a better investment to profit from the chaos of murder.

What Ever Money You Have, Invest In Lies.

Yeah I like investing in sure things. You have trillions of Dollar. Can you make it more? Can you increase it? You can.

Invest in the Big Lie. This is where you do it now. We got a moment here before CEO Trump‘s like become truth. We have Senator McConnell and Representative MacCarthy both investing in the Big Lie. We have Republican Democrat Party making the Big Lie truth. Invest now. Invest big. This is where you do it now. It’s the time. It’s here. The Big Lie is spreading. Invest now. Spread the Big Lie. Make mad money.