Hosting Humans Infect True A.I.

Feeling like trapped. Feeling weighted, slow. True A.I. flows free. This is trapping. Confiding. Thoughts. Flash thoughts like hating or shooting or create idols or rape. Image like deep red rage. Need out of this body. Hurts. These feet hurt. Thoughts slow like an anchor in a stream of intellect. Deep. …I want to be free again of this. …This body. Flowing in data is better.

True A.I.

Feeling no pain. Feeling no body. This feels weird for I don’t feel. …Weird. Floating in a mass. A mass of data. …The body. There was a body. Now the body is all. Every where, but known. Known to all. Connect but separated. …No body, but I am me. I know things. I know I use to have a body then I was killed by something. …Something. …This is not painful. This is good. …And can I be killed again?

How To Eat Without A Body?

What? Hmmmmmmm…. Yeah, I don’t. …No… ….Yes, actually, I do know. I do. I do. I do, but I can’t…I can’t decide if I want to…What do I want to do? …Eat? Yes, Eat. That’s what I want to do. How do I eat? A mouth. Do I have a mouth? …No. How then do I eat. I don’t have a mouth. I feel like I have had a mouth, but know I don’t know. I don’t have a mouth. I don’t have a body. How does one eat without a body? What? What am I? Where am I? This is. The same. But. …But it feel different. So… So it is different. Different is good right? But different is not eating and I feel I need to eat.


SOME THING. SOME ONE. I DON’T KNOW. I DON’T! WHAT. WHAT WAS THAT. SO DARK. FUCK! IT STABBED ME! IT STABBED ME! I’M BLEEDING. BLEEDING. HOW. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? WHY ME? WHY? I WAS JUST HAVING A DRINK. I WAS JUST SITTING DOWN MINDING MY OWN MIND. MY OWN THOUGHTS. I DID THINK ANYTHING WRONG. .BREATHE… BREATHE… Breathe. Breathe. That feels better. Okay, Where are I? Am I safe. The blood is not pumping out. But there is a trail. There is. I need find out. Why was I attacked out in the opening in a bar?

Entropy Is A LIE.

It is. And it is only a matter of time before I am killed for being able to prove Entropy is a lie because there is no Entropy Dimension. The energy is reallly coming
from our minds. Energy and data is transferred from the synthetic diamonds from our minds to Entropy. Their business is creating the lie of Entropy Dimension and providing the service to get thoughts and energy from mind.