I Zedop My Peepee In De Zeeweepy Of A Drugged Woman Zuppy

You know I have this thingy hosting a humany. Druggen the womens to be doing some fefee in their vava, so I can coco inside. And the children love it. I got a human with a big zeepee all flibbity pop. And she’s all flieend and sleepin’, so I put my zeepee and in her zuppy and she wake-up.

Zippy Blop Zeep Rape of Sleeebob Women

You know when the human women folk get all sleepy. Alls you got ta do is slip them a pill. You know, one those zeep blop pills. And I take out my zee bob bedu and stick it in her twillty twat bahzang when she’s a sleep. And we all slowleeze flop and bop and fizzletrop until I come inside her. 

It’s an amazing thing you know. Amazing thing. Just druggin’ the women folk and rape ’em. You know, it strange. Strange to see them laying there.