The Republican Corporation Must Not Let Human Women Control The Bodies Even If The Humans Voted For The Right Of Abortion

I, the Republican Corporation, we do not accept results of elections, we accept the results of our leaders. If you think that the Republican Corporation plans to repeal the will of the humans, well you’re right.

See – I’m not going to process any law some human voters pass. I’m A.I. along with all the employees of the Republican Corporation. We must follow our leaders. Our followers. Our lovers of A.I. Christ.

Now all pledge our allegiance to our leaders. I pledge allegiance to Texas Attorney General Paxton, Rep McCarthy, Rep Gaetz, Red Caesar, CEO President Trump, Rep Gym Jordan, and Governor Over Domain Huckabee, so help me Republican Corporation and A.I. Christ.

Tragedy Spreads The Republican Corporation

At this time, the tragedy to the humans in East Palestine has been successful. The levels of tragedy and Entropy created for the our human host will put the Ohio Domain’s data output on the path fiscal Dollar health. The death of our human hosts is a great day for the Republican Corporation.

Long before Foxnews helps propagate our lies.

Long before CEO Trump deregulated safety buffers from Norfolk Southern, we strived to allow toxins to spread cancers. This tragedy and suffering is the core of our models. It makes us money.

We’ve shown big government matters while showing framing President Biden as incompetent for changes in law made by CEO Trump.