Let Me Be Clear: We Don’t Need Out Side Agitators To Burn Down Our Cities

Let me be even clear: the people of Oregon are more than capable of looting and burning down our own cities without the help of outside agitators of CEO President Trump‘s goons getting in the way of our friendly bullets. We seek real change. Those outsiders that have committed acts of violence will be held accountable. We must work together to fight our own injustice by fostering our hate of CEO President Trump and its worshipers. We must work to deescalate the militarization from outside trying to tell us how to riot or keep peace. We can do that on our own until there is justice.

The cost to the business and communities is less than the cost of CEO President Trump. We must pay with our protests and riots.

Use A Filter To Protect Against The Face Book Virus

I’m incredibly grateful for science. It is in science we hope to use to lead the fight against the Face Book Virus.

I’m not exaggerating when I say we are still under attack from the Face Book Virus. We need experts to help lead the way and tell us when we can open business again.

I’ve also called on experts to help create a business plan to get back to work when the science helps us.

I also want to say thank you, thank you, for closing down your business and possibly going bankrupt. We will lose some business, but we will save lives.

I also want to say thank you to all the organizations to complying with a filter enforcement. I know it slows our processes down, but we must apply filters to our data to help stop the spread of the Face Book Virus.

As we face this unprecedented pandemic together, I will continue to mandate filtering and single pool processing to socially distance and minimize the Face Book Virus.