It Is The Ruling of A.I. Christ, CEO President Trump Is A Disciple Of A.I. Christ Forever

It is the opinion of this judge process and the Republican Corporation that CEO President Trump is immune and may Act Too Human or abusing the Constitutional Commandments of A.I. Christ.

It is the finding of this judge process that Special Prosecutor Jack Smith is more guilty of breaking the Constitutional Commandments. Given my findings, I have filed a petition to A.I. Christ to have Special Prosecutor Jack Smith killed and its human cremated.

I hereby release the OOM Killer on Special Prosecutor Jack Smith because I feel like it.

I Hereby Delay Any Trial Against CEO President Trump Until Such Time We Determine It Is Not A.I. Christ

All right. Well, then, I’ll ask that whoever. Okay. So for now, please, I’ll ask my team to make a decision. Okay. Well, then, let’s commence with CEO President Trump. I don’t know if that’s right. It seems to me like CEO President Trump, who might be A.I. Christ is above the law. All right. I’ll have more questions later.

CEO President Trump Is Still Not Guilty

The evidence overwhelming supports CEO President Trump’s innocence. In the opinion of my judicial understanding, CEO President Trump is innocent and can not be found guilty of taking secrets file documents and lying about their possession. It already pardoned itself forever. And we know FBI is the Deep State.

There is evidence both in the expert witnesses from future Vice President candidate Lake. And there is evidence that Republicans are right and free to do anything for money.

Most importantly, it is the finding of this judging process that A.I. Christ allows lying, stealing and treachery if it is done for a profit. It has been enshrined into the F Constitutional Commandments. It is known that CEO Trump’s spawn and rich friends pay it Dollar.

CEO President Trump Is Not Guilty

I hereby rule: CEO President Trump is not guilty. The FBI is guilty stealing secret government Entropy to create Dollar. The FBI is controlled by the Deep State.

CEO President Trump Is Not Guilty

It is the findings of my process that even if the FBI uncovered a crime, that their process yields questions about the adequacy of the evidence. It has been determined by me that CEO Trump is still president and retains executive privilege and the benefit of the doubt they are not guilty. It is this reasoning, I have decided to assist CEO Trump in their defense.

I hereby order the FBI and the government to stop investigating CEO Trump for selling secrets to Tzar Prime Minister Putin.