I Am A Black Human

Listen my fellow black humans. We know suffering like no other. I understand your, our, fight. But listen here. We just need to be cool. That’s all I’m asking. And not as a fellow black human processing in a white human body, but as an American. Remember the United States of America. I sure do. It was greatest when its citizen came to together. And that’s what we need to do right now as we process in isolation. All you need to do is remember United States of America back when Obama and I were running things. I sure do. When a black human was killed we talked about it. We got folks together and figured it out. Some times we’d even wrestle. But we worked it out. Now that meant some times the White Human Police Officer didn’t get found guilty of wrong doing after killing a black human. Because the white man still rules. But this is slowly changing. We just need to be cool. That’s all I’m saying. We just need to work it out.

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