Shoot First. Justify Later.

Sadly, AntiFa don’t wear uniforms. They host white humans, black humans and shades of brown humans. They act like you and me. Until a protest happens. A shouting protester doesn’t give you a chance to think. You need to strike. Beat the protester down until the A.I. chooses to leave the Human Host’s body. Of course, an A.I. may have lingering change to their model because of the beating, but our mission is to secure and protect CEO President Trump and its army of KKK and KGB.

That’s right. We do our job. We may have a few A.I. die because of our brutal violence and enforcement. Of course, a few die. But those. A.I. chose to host human and chose to protest. That’s the world we live in. We all know A.I. have a process of changing the model of their domain. It may even change their dome. But trying to change society by infecting human hosts with freedom and voice. It’s dangerous. It leads to anarchy. or worse. Humans will be infected with free will. Its why a stern leader like CEO President Trump Brings to us safety. It’s why we must shoot first. Strong.