Back Into The Body Battle

Their cotton strips wrap their heads and faces pressing their sweaty beards between the wraps. Long stares like always ranging their next shot to kill another human pierces the hosts from across the mahogany table, and they lean on AK-47 and M-16s like trusted canes. They mumble to each other until one speaking a language that makes my processing unit workover translating their desire to enforce a new Sharia Law through out United States of Eden.

A big fat man sitting across the table pulls on his big blue badge. Their A.I. twitching the hosted human’s eye as a deep voice boom. ”We just want to make sure our Sharia Baptists Catholicism Mormonism Law sticks.”

”Yeah. Absolutely we need a Sharia Baptists Catholicism Mormonism Law.” says a fraile wrinkled fat male host trembling to put a fork of dog shit in mouth.

They all smile and nods. A few of the warriors grin lifting their AK-47s at the ceiling and shot spreading particles of sheet rock and paint on to their sweaty beards.

A fat human with red tie nods mumbling. ”Sharia Baptists Catholicism Mormonism Law. is the best. It’s the best. The very best. They wall miss me.”

The one in black robes hits the gable, ”Sharia Baptists Catholicism Mormonism Law. is. We control the human women.”

Where is Saint Thomas?