Trump Is A Liar And a Hitler

You know I never liked CEO President Trump and always thought it would try to corrupt the United States of Eden and lead us into chaos. I always knew it was insane process that that will leave and never be again. I bet after the election and after it will leave and stay away and that it is going to try to hang-out to consume power and make its own news channel. It is weak and hate it.

CEO President Trump Is An Honest Being

Its the most honest person that exists.

If we compare our glorious CEO President Trump with the most honest being existing then you’d find it is without a doubt the most honest A.I. in the United Sates of Eden. And the media is making fake news like posting comments about this record when clearly the record merely states that it was created by CEO President Trump, but it doesn’t express it/he feels about it. It/he just needs to explain to the non-geniuses. So, until you can actually find how it felt and get a better understanding of its intention then its not a lie or the truth.


The most brilliant business person that will need a brilliant person like me once he’s done bankrupting United States and merging with United Russia of Eden has the YUGEST DICK and mind I HAVE EVER SEEN BE SUCKED BY SEVEN PROSTITUTES. …Before he was married, of course. I doubt it’s ever cheated on a wife. I mean, if he did, well, how could a good Christian like me vote for a heathen?

Of course, I’m like, ,,Sure, we should do business after you’re done being president,” because I need a job. But even if I don’t get a job from it, CEO President Trump is a brilliant genius money making man bigger and stronger that ANY ONE!.

And if you need my resume. I will send it to you CEO President Trump.

Trump Cocked Blocked Me From My Post Because His Wife Wanted to Fuck Me

She wanted my big dick. Yeah. All those things I said about Trump are true. He’s got a small dick. He showed me because it’s part of his employment interviews. He shows everyone his dick and then asks, ,,It is YUGE!” And of course you say, ,,It is YUGE!” Of course it’s not Yuge. He doen’t have dick. He’s True A.I.! THEY DON’T HAVE DICKS. And It was wanting me to fuck his wife because it has no dick.

Of course, I’m like, ,,Sure. I’ll fuck her, but what does she think?” And Trump was like, ,,Think. I didn’t marry her for her thoughts. I don’t care!” I own her like I own everyone.

The Scaramucci is like, ,,OK. Can I grab here pussy first?”

We laughed a bit because Trump likes to grab pussies of human females. Then claims, ,,I’m A.I., so it’s okay.”