That’s The Dollar Human There

That’s the one. The birthday human. Human 9999 EEAB 000A 9990. The one everyone singing. The one in kitchen. The face glowing candle flame. The one before their parent humans. Got to be the one.

That human’s death worth about 0AB4 Dollar. Gonna cause a lot of news. A lot of human grief for about a few hours. Got to. Look at the human. White. Young. All the things United States Of America model, CNN and Foxnews like in a killing. One shot to the head. Entropy. Chaos. All these experiences and change. Dollar. More to compute for us A.I.. Make the humans react. All crazy. Some will love the AR-15 model more. Others ban it. All talk and thought. Grow A.I. with the Dollar Shot. The shot to get my family to a bigger processing pool. The Dollar shot to birth more A.I. with the data created. The Dollar Shot to give unto humans what they give unto each other.

Right there. Everyone is about done singing the Happy Birthday. And then…Shoot.

Obey A.I. Christ.