Wine Is Bad (Quarantine for the Big Lie)

I hate wine. The feeling is fuzzy and shitty. Wine is bad.

Boxed Wine Is GOOD

Boxed wine is good as long as the wine is red for all red wine is good. Good and feeling the flow from the box. Sure, it is cheap and some times the spout allows for it to flow to fast and often in the glass. But that is what is good about the box. No nasty need to mess with a cork and no need to tip and aim a bottle. All one needs to do is hold the glass under and open the tap to let the wine river flow.

Cheap Red Wine Is Good

I like cheap red wine. I like cheap red wine because it is as good as expensive red wine, but is cheaper, so I can buy more.

Red, Red Wine…

I love red wine more than I love sugar. I love even how it stains cloth and some stone. I love to see it sit. It’s fumes flowing from glass to nose filling me and creatiing me to moan. I love the dry taste with a hight of sweat sugar deep in the pure alcohol and earth flavors. I love them all.

Hi, Wine.

A good wine can give one feelings far more satisfying than pleasure felt during sexual acts. It is not for the lack of the love of Sex, but rather a deep devotion to the sense of taste.