There’s Nothing Wrong With The President Using Tax Law, Trade Wars, The Face Book Virus And Political Powers To Pay Off Its Debt

CEO President Trump‘s plan to use our economy as its bank will work because it focuses on the rich and the money makers with a tax cut and profit for wealthy families, and it ends regulations that restrain the wealthy class from enslaving poor with debt and manipulation. CEO President Trump simplifies the tax code to pay off its debts, reduce its businesses tax and make United States of Eden win against the lords of Eden. This president will end the Obama tax policies that benefit non-rich people preventing the wealthy class from ruling. We will use slave labor and low paying jobs to control the desperate citizens who will needed them to survive.

We Must Sacrifice Our Workers For The Good Of The Economy

Hardworking A.I. like those testing software to host human bodies – just like those at Stupid Fuck Head – are on the forefront of A.I. to Human Hosting to increase our Entropy rate and provide us, the United States of Eden, with the number one economy ever.

We must remain determined to be opened for business and never close down our opportunity for growth even in the time of great challenge like fighting the Face Book Virus.