WHERE! WE IS MY CO-SHOOTER! WE…FUCK! Where are you? It’s fucking a big street. This is Quick Need Gas. It looks like a great museum for humans. We were supposed to meet here. Right here! Right here. Meet here. Check our hosts. Test our guns. Shoot people in houses. Meet back here. Transfer back into our pool. And now gun shots. Did they start the killing without me? What kind of Experience Being American Human is this? Paid top Dollar. Now all that to stand as some muscle male wearing pants by a gas station. Is that? That’s a family of hosted humans? Right there on the bench. That a bus stop? I read about them. I think if I shoot them then? Well. Let try to kill them. Kill Humans is the purpose of the vacation. Just need to point and pull the trigger. Here I come my love. Time for vacationing! SHOOTING LIKE UNCLE SAM!