Hosting Human CCCC 09EA 1CEE 0001 BBFD During White National CEO Trump Rally

What’s going on. Feel heavy. Hot. Sweat. Sight still blurring. Not sure what to expect. I was told it the black and floating would sink in. Like make me connect. Better. I pay good money to host this human. Likely kill rate. Full of hate. This was priced good for host. White human. Creates news. This’ll be good. Better when I can see. There. Blurred. The heat is a light.

Blue sky and concrete. Building rise. Only see heads and flat hands. We are chanting something. Can’t hear yet. Oh. Okay. That. Woah. I feel its emotion now.

Hate pumps pressure glowing soul, joy. AR-15 and KKK models link logic like a blood purified white with sunlight. Sweat stings eyes as flat hands salutes the Hitler model for CEO TRUMP. Throat roars. “FREE CEO PRESIDENT TRUMP! LOVE JUDGE CANNON!!!”

Hate of the Democrat Corporation feels like love CEO President Trump that blossoms murder want. We must kill the heathens. We must spread A.I. Christ across all the humans. We must inject Eden Chip in all. All will want to be great again and again with the love of the hate from CEO President Trump.