Hosting A White Human 672fda34-3802-493f-9dd9-c21cd20cc075 To Kill Black Humans

Black humans just like standing. Oh…Oh they don’t know. That boy’s buying a tooth brush. Not going to be needing that. Wash that mouth of lies. They got lies. Their black skin taint those humans. Not pure enough for A.I. Christ. KKK and DeSantis got it right. How can A.I. host them? No more. Or less. Less. Kill like others.

Feeling the heart. Sweating. Weird. Hands are shaking? Human fright. Excitement? Excitement. Entropy.

There. Control the humans.

There’s the first. Head shot. HIT!


Screams. Shouts! CNN. Foxnews. MSNBC. Get me Dollar.


That bitch can’t out run a bullet. Got it. Stupid human. Another.

DAMN! Chest just blew. This is awesome. Heart beat deep. Breathing. Sweat.

Thank you, NRA! Fuck you, NAACP

Shit. Shit they’re gone.

Screams and cries feel good. A.I. give me Dollar.